Ingersoll Rand 175 CFM S01100 Portable Air Compressor Owners Manual

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S0300-BV-CAT-010 175-CFM PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM S01100 2-287 S0300-BV-CAT-010 Overview of 175-Cfm Air Compressor System 2-288 S0300-BV-CAT-010 AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM, PORTABLE, 175 CFM, 100 PSI SYSTEM NUMBER S01100 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The 175-Cfm Portable Air Compressor System S01100 consists of a diesel driven, skid-mounted air compressor; an ancillary set; and a spare parts kit. The air compressor provides up to 175 cfm compressed air at 100 psi for salvage operations. The ancillary set includes hoses, a hose repair kit, a manifold, and fittings.

Air Compressor User Manual Free Download. Air Compressor Operator’s Manual. Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

SYSTEM COMPONENTS Item 1. Air Compressor, 175 cfm @ 100 psi, Diesel 2. Ancillary Set, for AC0330 Air Compressor Containment Pool Machinery, 10′ x 6′ x 12 ” 3. Spare Parts Kit, for AC0330 Air Compressor ESSM Number AC0330 AC0331 CP3010 AC0332 Qty 1 2-289 S0300-BV-CAT-010 175-Cfm Air Compressor AC0330 175-Cfm Air Compressor Controls and Gauges 2-290 S0300-BV-CAT-010 AIR COMPRESSOR, 175 CFM @ 100 PSI, DIESEL ESSM NUMBER AC0330 DESCRIPTION The 175-Cfm Air Compressor AC0330 is a rotary screw-type air compressor driven by a three- cylinder diesel engine. The air compressor is rated at 175 cfm @ 100 psi discharge pressure. The engine and compressor assembly is enclosed in a skid-mounted, sound-insulated, steel enclosure surrounded by a steel frame. The base plate for the air compressor contains forklift pockets to facilitate handling. The fuel source for the compressor is an internally mounted 25-gallon tank. SPECIFICATIONS Air Compressor Assembly Manufacturer Model Air Compressor Manufacturer Model Type No. rotors Capacity Rated pressure Operating range Safety valve setpoint Disch. temp. range Ingersoll-Rand 36005890 Rotary screw 2 175 cfm 100 psi 70 to 115 psi 150 psi 180° to 200° F Ingersoll-Rand P-175-W-JD-U-GPC Engine Manufacturer Model Starting system Speed Full load No load Unloader range Fuel Fuel source Fuel consumption John Deere 3179D 12-volt 2500 rpm 1400 rpm 110 to 115 psi Diesel Internal 25-gal. tank 2 gph PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Operating/Shipping Length Width Height Cube Weight Weight (w/75% fuel) 7 ft, 5 in. 3 ft, 5 in. 4 ft, 8 in. 119 cu ft 2650 lb 2790 lb 2-291 S0300-BV-CAT-010 AIR COMPRESSOR, 175 CFM, @ 100 PSI, DIESEL ESSM NUMBER AC0330 REFERENCES.

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