Robinair SPX 15434 High Performance Vacuum Pump With Refrigerants R 12 R 22 R 500 R 502 Owners Manual

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High Performance Vacuum Pump Model 15434 Operating Manual For use with refrigerants R-12, R-22, R-500, R-502, or R-134a CoolTech® High Performance Vacuum Pumps Congratulations on purchasing one of Robinair’s top quality CoolTech® vacuum pumps. Your pump has been engineered specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration service, and is built with Robinair’s proven offset rotary vane for fast, thorough evacuation.

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You’ll appreciate these key features. Iso-ValveTM Allows the pump to be shut off while still connected to the A/C-R system, which is handy for checking rate of rise. With the valve handle in the OPEN position, the pump is open to the system being evacuated. In the CLOSED position, the pump is isolated from the system. The two-stage, offset rotary vane design provides powerful, quiet high vacuum capability and assures moisture removal, while the high pumping capacity reduces evacuation time. The 15434 can be used for R-12, R-22, R-500, and R-502, as well as for R-134a. The inlet “tee ” has both 1/4 ” SAE male flare and 1/2 ” Acme fittings to accommodate hoses from either type of manifold. The exhaust is expelled through the handle to direct it away from the service technician. A precise amount of atmospheric air is introduced into the pump, preventing condensation of moisture vapor and helping maintain the purity of the pump oil. By using the gas ballast, the pump operates more efficiently and pump life is extended. The one-piece, molded handle makes it easy to carry the pump to and from job sites, and the handle stays cool to the touch during operation. Your pump measures approximately 15 ” long, while aluminum housing and offset rotary vanes keep the pump weight low, making it easy to carry. High Vacuum Rating Multiple Refrigerant Capability Directed Exhaust Gas Ballast Sure-Grip Handle Compact Design 1 Pump Components 1. Intake Fitting (upper fitting is 1/2 ” Acme, side fitting is 1/4 ” SAE) 2. Gas Ballast Valve (located beside handle base) 3. Oil Fill Port 4. Sight Glass 5. Die-Cast Aluminum Housing 6. Oil Drain 7. Molded Polycarbonate Base 8. Iso-ValveTM– Isolates the pump from the system 9. Powerful, High Torque Motor 10. Power Switch 11. Through-The-Handle Exhaust 12. Sure-Grip Handle For use on A/C-R systems using CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs in conjunction with mineral oil, ester oil, alkylbenzene oil and PAG oil as lubricants. Not for use with ammonia or lithium bromide systems. Not for use with flammable refrigerants. 2 WARNINGS Always wear goggles when working with refrigerant. Contact with refrigerant may cause injury. Improper use or connections may cause electrical shock hazards. Read and follow the instructions carefully and take precautions to avoid electrical shock hazards. Be sure that all associated devices are properly grounded before energizing circuits. The normal operating temperature will cause certain external portions of the pump to be hot to the touch. Do not touch the pump housing or motor during operation. Use separate manifolds and hoses for R-134a systems. Cross-contamination with other refrigerant types will cause severe damage to the A/C system and to service tools and equipment. Do not mix refrigerant types through a system or in the same container! Avoid breathing refrigerant and lubricant vapor or mist. Exposure may irritate eyes, nose, and throat. To remove R-134a from the A/C system, use service equipment certified to meet the requirements of SAE J2210 (R-134a recycling equipment). If accidental system discharge occurs, ventilate work area before resuming service. HFC-134a service equipment or vehicle A/C systems should not be pressure tested or leak tested with compressed air. Some mixtures of air/HFC-134a have been shown to be combustible at elevated pressures. These mixtures are potentially dangerous and may result in fire or explosion causing injury or property damage. Additional health and safety information may be obtained from refrigerant and lubricant manufacturers. 3 Before using your vacuum pump. Note on Motor Voltage Connections: In all cases, motors are designed for operating voltages plus or minus 10% of the normal rating (see SPECIFICATIONS). Single voltage motors are supplied fully connected and ready to operate.

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