Robinair SPX 34970 For R 12 R 134a Refrigerants Owners Manual

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Model No. 34970 For R-12 and R-134a WARNING When working with high pressure air supplies and refrigerants, goggles should always be worn to reduce the hazards of flying particles and of contact with refrigerants. The AIR-VAC is a Venturi-type vacuum pump powered by compressed air and designed for mobile air conditioning service. OPERATING NOTES A constant air source of 75 psi is required for pump operation.

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The pump has an air consumption of 4.2 SCFM and will pull a vacuum up to 29.7 inches of mercury at sea level. Oil or water in the air line will not harm the pump; it will be exhausted through the pump. CONNECTING THE PUMP 1. Connect a constant (75 psi) air source to the “Air Input ” fitting located on the back of the pump. This fitting is a standard 1/4 ” N.P.T.F. 114614 (Rev. B, 6/03) Operating Instructions Note: Use a quick-disconnect fitting on the “Air Input ” fitting for fast, easy connections to the air supply. 2. Connect the center hose of a manifold gauge set which is connected to the A/C system to the “Vacuum ” tee fitting (appropriate for the type of system — R-12 or R-134a) on the front of the pump. Tightly cap the port not used. Open both valves on the manifold. 3. Turn on the air supply to evacuate the system. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for correct evacuation. 4. Turn off the air supply before disconnecting the hose from the “Vacuum ” fitting. SPX Corporation 655 Eisenhower Drive Owatonna, MN 55060-0995 USA Technical Services: 1-800-822-5561 Fax: 1-800-822-7805 Customer Service: 1-800-533-6127 Fax: 1-800-322-2890 Web Site: www.robinair. com SPX Corporation Because of ongoing product improvements, we reserve the right to change design, specifications or materials without notice. …

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