SPX OTC 1791 Lift Table High Lift Transmission Jack Owners Manual

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SPX OTC 1791 Lift Table High Lift Transmission Jack Owners Manual SKU UPC Model
Scott Kiaer on Mar 05, 2014.

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SPX Form No. 102757 Parts List & Operating Instructions for: 1791 High Lift Transmission Jack Max. Capacity: 1,000 lbs. Application: Installation and removal of automobile transmissions Item No.

Power Tool User Manual Free Download. HAVC Operator’s Manual. Auto AC Lift Power Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

Part No. 309135 65533-BL2 10208 222259 62988 13116 13338 11903 314159 222263 No. Req’d Description Warning Decal Cylinder Hex Nut (1/2-13) Swivel Caster Base Locknut Hex Hd. Cap Screw Retaining Ring Decal Grip Pad 8 Head Assembly (see back of sheet) 1 2 IMPORTANT: Remove the shipping oil plug, and replace it with the vented oil plug provided. The jack will not function correctly if the shipping plug is left in. 9 10 3 5 4 6, 7 SPX Corporation Sheet No. Issue Date: 1 of 3 Rev. 11-24-99 Parts List & Operating Instructions Form No. 102757, Sheet 1 of 3, Back Head Assembly Item No. Part No. 10017 10383 12719 440398 440399-BL2 Items marked with an asterisk (j) are included in Repair Kit No. 300948. Parts List & Operating Instructions Safety Precautions Form No. 102757 · Caution: To help prevent personal injury and damage to equipment, Read, understand, and follow all safety precautions and operating instructions. Wear eye protection that meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA. A load must never exceed the rated lifting capacity of the jack. Do not lift or support the vehicle with this jack. Place support stands under the vehicle before starting repairs. Only use the jack on a hard, level surface. Center the load on the jack saddle. Off center loads can damage the seals in the ram and cause jack failure. Never move the jack with a load any higher off the ground than necessary. Slowly and carefully move the jack around corners because the load could tip. Stay clear of a lifted load. Lower the jack slowly and carefully while watching the position of the load. Do not modify the jack or use adapters unless approved or supplied by OTC. Use only anti-wear hydraulic jack oil with a 215 SUS viscosity rating at 100° F. The use of alcohol, hydraulic brake fluid, or transmission oil could damage seals and result in jack failure.

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