SPX OTC 5017 Brake Drum Dolly Application Owners Manual

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SPX Form No. 105815 Parts List & Operating Instructions for: 5017 Brake Drum Dolly Application: 15 ” or 16-1/2 ” Outboard Mounted Brake Drums used on Class 7 & Class 8 Trucks 1 2 Shaded areas reflect the last revision(s) made to this form.

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Sheet No. Issue Date: Litho in USA 26, 27 17, 18 16 1 of 2 Rev. 11-4-98 Parts List & Operating Instructions Form No. 105815, Sheet 1 of 2, Back Item No.312196 10524 10257 53890 312197 220029 11018 15427 49234 17306 15603 221229 No. Req’d Description Handle Grip Telescoping Handle Hook Hex Hd. Cap Screw (1/4-20 x 1 ” lg.) Hex Nut (1/4-20) Plain Washer (for 1/4 ” bolt) Lockwasher (for 1/4 ” bolt) Drum Stop Plain Washer (for 3/4 ” bolt) Drum Dolly Frame Hex Hd. Cap Screw (1/2-13 x 1-1/2 ” lg.) Hex Nut (1/2-13) Plain Washer (for 1/2 ” bolt) Lockwasher (for 1/2 ” bolt) Bushing Screw Receiving Adjuster Cotter Pin (extended prong – 1/8 “) Plain Washer (for 5/16 ” bolt) Wheel Bracket Pivot Bracket Pneumatic Wheel Cotter Pin (extended prong – 5/32 “) Thrust Bearing Adjusting Screw Cotterless Hitch Pin Hex Flange Locknut Hex Flange Locknut (5/16 “) Parts Included but Not Shown 216703 220025 1 1 Made in USA Decal I.D. Decal Refer to any operating instructions included with the product for detailed information about operation, testing, disassembly, reassembly, and preventive maintenance. Items found in this parts list have been carefully tested and selected by OTC. Therefore: Use only OTC replacement parts! Additional questions can be directed to the OTC Technical Services Department. Shaded areas reflect the last revision(s) made to this form. Parts List & Operating Instructions Safety Precautions · · Form No. 105815 Caution: To help prevent personal injury when using the brake drum dolly, Wear steel-toed shoes. Wear eye protection that meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA. Assembly Instructions 1. Insert the telescoping handle into the holder as shown in Figure 1, and install the cotterless hitch pin. 2. Assemble the two drum stops on the inside of the drum dolly frame using hex hd. cap screws, hex nuts, plain washers, and lockwashers (Items 4, 5, 6, and 7 in the parts list). 3. Verify that tire pressure is 30 PSI; add air if necessary. Hook Drum Stop (assembled on inside of frame).

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