SPX OTC 5268 5269 Truck Ramps Pair Owners Manual

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Form No. 525069 Parts List & Operating Instructions for: 5268 5269 Truck Ramps Max. Capacity : (each) 20,000 lbs. / 9,075 kg (pair) 40,000 lbs. / 18,150 kg Safety Precautions To prevent personal injury and / or equipment damage : · Study, understand, and follow all instructions before operating this device. If the operator cannot read or understand these operating instructions and safety precautions, they must be read and discussed in the operator’s native language.

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· Wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA standards. · Do NOT exceed the rated capacity (20 tons) of each ramp. Do NOT use these ramps with supersingle tires; the maximum allowable tire tread width is 10 inches. · Use the ramps on hard, level surfaces only. · Do NOT drive the vehicle onto the ramp until the ramp handle is completely stowed under the ramp ­ this releases the ramp wheels and makes the ramp more stable. · Center the vehicle wheel between the sides of the ramp. · Do NOT disconnect the vehicle brakes, engine or transmission components, drive shaft, universal joints, or wheels while the vehicle is on the ramps. of the ramp clean. · To prevent movement of the ramp while in use, keep the non-skid material used under the base · Use the ramps only as a matched pair to support one end of a vehicle. Do NOT simultaneously support both ends or one side of a vehicle. · Do NOT use other lifting equipment with the ramps. · Do NOT use the ramps if they are damaged, altered, or in poor condition. Inspect the ramps before each use. Monthly lubricate all rotating and sliding parts of the ramp. Operating Instructions 1. Pull out the handle on the truck ramp, and roll the ramp into position directly in front of the vehicle wheel. 2. Lower the ramp handle, and return it to its fully stored position under the ramp. This releases the ramp wheels and stabilizes the ramp. 3. SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY drive the vehicle onto the ramp, with the vehicle wheel positioned straight and in-line with the center of the ramp. 4. Once the vehicle reaches the top of the ramp, apply the vehicle brakes to prevent travel over the end of the ramp. 5. Set the vehicle emergency brake and place the gear selector in PARK, or in REVERSE for a manual transmission. 6. Place chocks in front of, and behind, all wheels still in contact with the ground. 7. Verify the vehicle and ramps are stable before beginning any work on the vehicle. No. 525245 Replacement Handle No. 525246 – 5268 Replacement Skid Pads No. 530382 – 5269 Replacement Skid Pads No. 525244 Replacement Wheel 2004 SPX Corporation (December 20, 2004, Rev. C; sheet 1 of 1)

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