STIHL TS 360 Cut Off Saw Miter Circular Saw Owners Manual

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STIHL TS 360 Instruction Manual Owner’s Manual Assembling Safety Precautions Operating Instructions Maintenance Spare Parts List CutquikTM Warning! For safe operation follow all safety precautions in Owner’s Manual- improper use can cause serious injury. To reduce the risk of personal injury use proper cutting attachments. c And ” “SIJhl 1985 Contents Parts of the TS 360 Cutquikn. Defin ions ‘) Safety precautions The operator – The cut-off-machine – The use of the machine – Maintenance, repair and storing of the cut-off-machine Storing the Machine Assembling the Arbor Bearing and Guard Cutting wheels Tensioning the V-belt Mounting the Cutting Wheel Fuel mix Fueling Starting Checking Spark Plug Air filter Carburetor Rewind Starter Changing the V-belt STIHL cut-off-machine Cart limiting Adjustment on Cutting Wheel Guard Maintenance char1 General Notes on Operation Specifications Quality Certification 21 23 24 25 27 29 Th,s Manual contains operating and safety instructions for your STIHL TS 360 cut-off-machine.

Pay special attention to the safety precautions outlined on pages 4 to 14. Allow only persons who understand this Manual to operate your cut-off-machine. To receive maximum performance and satisfaction from your STlHL cut-offmachine, it is important that you read and understand the maintenance and safety precautions before using your cut-off-machine. Contact your STIHL dealer or the STIHL distributor for your area if you do not understand any of the instructions in this Manual. 30 30 31 32 33 36 Because a cut-off-machine is a highspeed cutting tool, some special safety precautions must be observed as with any other cut-off machine to reduce the risk of personal injury. Careless or improper use may cause serious or even fatal injury. STIHL’s philosophy is to continually improve all of its products. As a result, engineering changes and improvements are made from time-tD-time. If the operating characteristics or the appearance of your cut-off-machine differs from those described in this Manual, please contact your STIHL dealer for information and assistance. ) Printed on chlorine-free paper. Printing inks contain vegetable oils, paper is recyclable 01998 Andr. StH, w.!bIIngen 0458 335 3021 M2, leo T Pmted In o.rrn.ny x 5TIHL e 1 Parts of the TS 360 Cutquik TM Adjusting lever 4 5 6 7 Front handle Spark lu terminal Fastener Air filter at wheel uard Wheel uard 3 2 Cutting wheel (diamond wheel optional) Eccentric ad’uster 8 Rear handle 18 9 Thrust washer 10 Muffler 11 Starter grip Startln throttle lock Throttle tri ar interlock 17 16 12 Fuel filler cap Throttle trl .r 15 14 13 Sto switch Choke knob 2 Definitions 13. Choke Knob: Eases engine starting by enriching mixture. 1. Cutting Wheel: Can either be an abrasive wheel or a diamond cutting wheel. 2. Wheel Guard: Guards the wheel and deflects sparks. 3. Adjusting Lever of Wheel Guard: For adjusting the wheel guard so that the beam of sparks is directed away from the operator and the machine. 14. Stop Switch: Switches the engine’s Ignition system off and stops the running of the engine. 15. Throttle Trigger: Controls the speed of the engine. 16. Throttle Trigger Interlock: Must be depressed before the throttle trigger can be activated. 17. Starting Throttle Lock: Keeps the throttle partially 4. Front Handle: Handle bar for the left hand at front of Cutquik. 5. Spark Plug Terminal: Connects the spark plug with the ignition wire. 6. Fastener of Filter Cover: For removing filter cover open during starting. 18. Eccentric Adjuster: For tensioning the V-bell. Clutch: Couples engine to the V-belt pulley when engine is accelerated beyond idle speed. (not illustrated) V-Belt PUlley: The wheel that drives the V-belt and the cutting wheel. (not illustrated) to permit filter to be cleaned. 7. Air Filter: To prevent dust and foreign matter from entering the carburetor. (not illustrated) 8. Rear Handle: The support handle for the right hand. located at or toward the rear of the Cutquik. 9. Thrust Washer: Distributes clamping pressure of mounting nut evenly over cutting wheel. 10. Muffler: Reduces engine exhaust noise and directs the exhaust gases away from operator. 11. Starter Grip: The grip of the starter for starting the engine. 12. Fuel Filler Cap: For closing the fuel tank. (Fits on fuel filler neck). 3 Safety precautions The use of any cut-off machine may be hazardous. Because a cut-off machine is a high-speed, fast-cutting power tool, special safety precautions must be observed to reduce the risk of personal injUry and fire. It is important that you read, fUlly under· stand and observe the following safety precautions and warnings. Read the Owner’s Manual and the safety instructions periodically. Warning! Careless or improper use of any cut·off machine may cause serious or fatal injury, Have your STlHL dealer show you how to operate your cut-off machine. Observe all applicable local safety regUlations, standards and ordinances. Minors should never be allowed to use a cuf-off machine. Bystanders, especially children and animals should not be allowed in the area where a cut-off machine is in use. Never let the cut-off machine run unattended. Do not lend or rent your cut·off machine without the Owner’s Manual. Be sure that anyone using your cut-off machine understands the information contained in this manual. Employers should estab· lish a training program for operators of gasoline powered, hand held portable, cutt-off machines to assure safe operation of these machines. These safety · precautions and wamlngs ply to the use of all STIHL Cutquiks. Different models may have different parts and controls. See the appropriate section of your owner’s manual for a description of the controls and function of the parts of your model cut-off machine. Safe use of a cut-off machine involves – the operator · the cut-off machine – the use of the cut-off machine. 4 THE OPERATOR Physical Condition You must be In good physical condition and mental health and not under the influence of any substance (drugs. alcohol, etc,) which might impair vision, dexterity or judgement. Do not operate a cut-off machine when you are fatigued. Be alert – if you get tired while operating your cut-off machine, take a break, tiredness may result in loss of control. …

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