Ingersoll Rand SSR UP6 15 UP6 20 UP6 25 UP6 30 60Hz Air Compressor Maintenance Manual

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Ingersoll Rand SSR UP6 15 UP6 20 UP6 25 UP6 30 60Hz Air Compressor Maintenance Manual SKU UPC Model
mana borsub on Mar 06, 2014.

very good for maintanance

genry guerrero on Mar 16, 2013.

Henrique on Feb 20, 2013.

Ravindra on Dec 04, 2012. Manual

MH 30 Ingerrsoll rand air compressor

SSR UP6 15, UP6 20, UP6 25, UP6 30 60Hz OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL This manual contains important safety information and must be made available to personnel who operate and maintain this machine. SERIAL No : 0110190126 ­> C.C.N. : 22083729 US DATE : MARCH 2002 2 CONTENTS CONTENTS & ABBREVIATIONS ABBREVIATIONS & SYMBOLS AR SM HA WC AC ERS T.E.F.C. O.D.P. BR CA CN DE DK ES FI FR GB GR IT MX NL NO PT SE US Contact Ingersoll­Rand for serial number Up to Serial No.

Air Compressor User Manual Free Download. Air Compressor Operator’s Manual. Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

From Serial No. Not illustrated Option Not required As required Sitemaster/Sitepack High ambient machine Watercooled machine Aircooled machine Energy recovery system Totally enclosed fan cooled motor (IP54) Open drip proof (motor) Brazilian Canadian French Chinese German Danish Spanish Finnish French English Greek Italian Mexican Dutch Norwegian Portuguese Swedish English (USA) AIRCARE WARRANTY CONTENTS FOREWORD DECALS SAFETY GENERAL INFORMATION INSTALLATION / HANDLING OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MAINTENANCE TROUBLE SHOOTING SSR UP6 15, UP6 20, UP6 25, UP6 30 FOREWORD The contents of this manual are considered to be proprietary and confidential to Ingersoll­Rand and should not be reproduced without the prior written permission of Ingersoll­Rand. Nothing contained in this document is intended to extend any promise, warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the Ingersoll­Rand products described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shall be in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of sale for such products, which are available upon request. This manual contains instructions and technical data to cover routine operation and scheduled maintenance tasks by operation and maintenance staff. Major overhauls are outside the scope of this manual and should be referred to an authorised Ingersoll­Rand service department. The design specification of this machine has been certified as complying with E.C. directives. Any modification to any part is absolutely prohibited and would result in the CE certification and marking being rendered invalid. All components, accessories, pipes and connectors added to the compressed air system should be:. of good quality, procured from a reputable manufacturer and, wherever possible, be of a type approved by Ingersoll­Rand clearly rated for a pressure at least equal to the machine maximum allowable working pressure compatible with the compressor lubricant/coolant accompanied with instructions for safe installation, operation and maintenance. Details of approved equipment are available from Ingersoll­Rand Service departments. The use of non­genuine spare repair parts other than those included within the Ingersoll­Rand approved parts list may create hazardous conditions over which Ingersoll­Rand has no control. Therefore Ingersoll­Rand does not accept any liabilitity for losses caused by equipment in which non­approved repair parts are installed. Standard warranty conditions may be affected. Ingersoll­Rand reserves the right to make changes and improvements to products without notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes or add such improvements to products sold previously. 3 The intended uses of this machine are outlined below and examples of unapproved usage are also given, however Ingersoll­Rand cannot anticipate every application or work situation that may arise. IF IN DOUBT CONSULT SUPERVISION. This machine has been designed and supplied for use only in the following specified conditions and applications:. Compression of normal ambient air containing no known or detectable additional gases, vapours. or particles. Operation within the ambient temperature range specified in the GENERAL INFORMATION section of this manual. The use of the machine in any of the situation types listed in table 1:­ a) Is not approved by Ingersoll­Rand, b) May impair the safety of users and other persons, and c) May prejudice any claims made against Ingersoll­Rand. TABLE 1 Use of the machine to produce compressed air for: a) direct human consumption b) indirect human consumption, without suitable filtration and purity checks. Use of the machine outside the ambient temperature range specified in the GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION of this manual. Use of the machine where there is any actual or foreseeable risk of hazardous levels of flammable gases or vapours. Use of the machine fitted with non Ingersoll­Rand approved components. Use of the machine with safety or control components missing or disabled. The company accepts no responsibility for errors in translation of this manual from the original English version.

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